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Dulce Horta, director of Alfama Arts Mgt., a company based in New York and Toronto, was born in Lisbon, Portugal, grew up in Toronto, Canada and now lives in Manhattan's Upper West Side. Before her involvement with arts management she was active in real estate, advertising, promotion and development. She also participated in fundraising campaigns for charities such as The United Way. Ten years ago in 2002 she began her association with Voice Afire Pocket Opera and Cabaret. She was responsible for organizing and promoting Butterfly's Trouble, with performances at Festival of the Sound, at the Shaw Festival, at Kitchener Waterloo Chamber Music Festival and at a variety of other locations in and around Toronto. In January 2012, she was executive producer for Butterfly's Trouble successful off Broadway production at the 45th Street Theatre in New York City. Dulce similarly was involved in productions of Close Embrace, The Art of Love, and The Magical Singing Drum in both Canada and New York City.

In 2012 she decided to start her own arts management company based on her long experience in arts promotion and production. She is thrilled with the prospect of assisting gifted artists in their careers and in helping in the evolution of concert presentation.

Alfama Arts takes its name from the famous district of Alfama noted for fado music houses. Our logo depicts the caravel, a type of vessel used by the great Portuguese explorers of the 15th century. The picture on our home page is the monument to the discoveries at Belém and includes the figures of Henry the Navigator and Vasco da Gama. Alfama Arts feels itself to be in the grand tradition of voyages into new realms.

Services to the Artist
- Develop an artist/management team approach to career development
- For artists desiring to incorporate theatre into their concerts, help find appropriate directors, writers, actors, and other professional collaborators
- Recommend artist to such persons, firms, corporations, associations and organizations so as to obtain contracts, engagements and/or employment for the artist.
- Negotiate, consummate, sign, alter, modify, and/or terminate any and all contracts for artist's professional services as a performer in all branches of the entertainment business and in all media of entertainment, and collect and receive monies payable to artist for artist's services and talents.
- As appropriate, coordinate publicity and promotion for artist, including Showcases, Presenter Conferences, emails, newsletters, bulk and other mailings, etc.

Services to the Presenter
Provide publicity material in a timely fashion
- Work with the presenter in developing a publicity campaign

Services to the Audience
- Provide high quality shows that are also entertaining. We specialize in managing artists who combine theatrical elements with concert performances


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ALFAMA ARTS MGT. specializes in shows that combine theatrical elements, professionally developed, with concert performances. We take an innovative approach to arts management by:
• Taking an active part in promoting the artist's career. Using social media and other methods to increase audience awareness of the artist
• Creating a team approach to promoting the artist's career by having the artist participate in his or her own promotion
• Increasing the number and quality of performances by our artists
• Launching gifted artists who deserve an international presence and taking them to the next level
• Working with a presenter in choosing an artist, in tailor making the artist's program and in publicizing the event

"Creating Rewarding Connections"


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