Alfama Arts Mgt. is born!

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Dulce Horta, Dir.
Alfama Arts Mgt.

308 W 77th St., #2
New York NY 10024
T (646) 370-4802

After 5 years gestation and learning the business, Dulce Horta announces the birth of
Alfama Arts Mgt. specializing in performers who add theatrical elements to their concerts. We have six wonderful clients.
"Creating Rewarding Connections"
Theatre Mania review New York City
"…breathes new life into the Puccini work as a real piece of theater, and may mark the direction for opera to take as a living art form in the coming century…"

Jan Narveson at Kitchener Waterloo Chamber Music Society

"…the hall was filled literally to capacity - the last patron was wedged into a corner - and the audience was rapt and enthusiastic…"
Voice Afire Pocket Opera and Cabaret Butterfly's Trouble
Close Embrace
The Magical Singing Drum
Viva Pablo Neruda

Paula Citron, Dance and Opera Reviewe Globe and Mail
"MOTUS O attracted a packed house to the Markham Theatre to unveil the world premiere of its version of "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

Nancy Morris - Kirkland Lake Arts Council
"It was an evening of high energy entertainment."

Motus O Dance Theatre Circus Terrifico:
Sleeping Beauty
Swan Lake
Circus Music (Act I)

Hanover Germany Newspaper
"… the fascinating piano duo demonstrated in an impressive way how music, when performed sensitively, can touch the heart…"

Tegernseer Germany Newspaper
"… Elizabeth and Marcel Bergmann played with refreshing cheerfulness and breathtaking virtuosity-the audience was impressed and delighted…"

Bergmann Piano Duo Bergmann Piano Duo
La Fiesta, Chick Corea
Urban Pulse, M. Bergmann

The Art of Love / Into the Labyrinth

with various artists
with the Bergmann Piano Duo, NYC

Globe and Mail
"Jacques Israelievitch's soloing was like sparks from the depths of a soul. At first they sounded like laments, but really, his little melodies spoke of trembling before the infinite."

Australian Strings Association
"Israelievitch's masterful and musically sensitive interpretations [are] indeed a tour de force, combining technical accuracy, lovely tone and imaginative phrasing."

Jacques Israelievitch Jacques and Michael Israelievitch Duo
Laughing from Ah! Matsushima

Jacques and Christina Petrowska-Quilico Duo
Drop, James Rolfe

The Museum House Angel Ganivet welcomes a cycle of performances dedicated to the origins of cinematography
Juan Jesús Garcia

Granada News, Spain - For the fourth consecutive season at The Museum House Angel Ganivet a miracle occurs in which silent movies speak, in which music composed and interpreted by pianist José Ignacio Hernández gives a sonic life to images born without sound, in which they have the same form but are improvised each night by a musician.

José Ignacio Hernández

José Ignacio accompanies
Asfalto, Germany 1929

Amalia Chueca Duet